Lynxmotion Arm based lego sorter

I have finished my project (a while ago actually, but better late than never). And would first like to thank everyone who helped me get this working. Okay now to the details:

Arm: lynxmotion l5
Controller: orangutan
Sensors: Color (custom) IR range detector

It has an IR detector at the base of the shoot to detect when the shoot is empty. The shoot is made of lego. The color sensor uses a tricolor LED with a burnt out red, and a red LED and a photo-resistor. It detects the amount of light reflected back from each color. The arm is programmed by dead-reckoning. It currently only is programmed to detect red, green, blue and white, but could be modified and improved to detect any color. The photo-resistor should probably be swapped with a different one. I don’t have it at home right now but expect pictures and video this week! I’ll also try and remember to tell you what grade I get on it.

Great company, great community. Thanks :smiley:


Thank you for the update on your project; I’m glad to hear you got it working! We’d love to see pictures/video of it when you get the chance.

- Ben

for sure. its at school, but there is an old youtube video I made over the holidays of it being mostly done:

It’s bad. Hold tight for the new one! :smiley:

Update: I haven’t been able to get it back from school yet. I’ll try and get it tomorrow and put up pictures and videos sunday. Hold tight :smiley:


Very cool! I can’t wait to see the video.

- Ben

Sorry for the delay, but it is finally done!

Enjoy. :smiley:


- Jan

I really enjoyed the video! Very nice project!

- Ben

Thanks! Let’s hope my Physics teacher shares your opinions! :smiley: