LV-168 Sleep Mode

Hi all
Is there a sleep mode or low current mode for the LV-168?


We don’t have too much experience using the low power modes of the AVR since the current drawn by motors and peripherals in robotics applications usually makes the MCU current draw negligible in comparison. If you want to learn more about the AVR power management and sleep modes, check out section 9 of the ATmega168 datasheet (section 9.10 gives suggestions for minimizing power consumption and might be especially useful). If you want to decrease the power used by the entire LV-168, you might also want to remove the LCD, turn off or remove unnecessary LEDs, and add electronics for selectively shutting off power to your external peripherals while you’re in sleep mode.

- Ben


I don’t think you are going to get much out of any low current AVR mode unless you turn the whole LV-168 off - otherwise you are still powering the regulator and motor driver circuitry. The current draw of the board (without LCD) varies from about 40mA to 90mA depending on the input voltage, and shutting down the AVR is only going to save you 5 to 20 mA off of that value.