It’s a 9DOF on a chip, for only $12. Potentially the smallest, cheapest 9DOF breakout around. … 087365.pdf


Thanks for the suggestion. I was looking into this part at the end of last year and then again early this year, and the LSM9DS0 was more expensive than going with the separate chips. In case you are not aware, our latest MinIMU-9 v3 is sub-$20 now, and looking at the parts layout, it’s not clear we could even make it that much smaller by taking out one of the ICs:

But, maybe it’s time to check in with ST again to see if the cost has gone down.

- Jan

That’s true, you guys have done a great job of producing tiny breakout boards and the recent price cuts are fantastic. I suppose the current MinIMU-9 is everything you could want in a 9DOF for a once off hobby project, but I’d like to buy a LSM9DS0 breakout because I’m interested in evaluating it for a PCB of my own. Using this chip instead of the LSM303 + L3GD20s will save me a few dollars and PCB space. A quick google for LSM9DS0 breakouts brings up some annoyingly overpriced options.