LSM6DS33 suddenly stopped working

I am using Pololu imu03a sensor with voltage regulator (LSM6DS33) with an Arduino UNO microcontroller and a library LSM6.h. The connection: VIN (5V from Arduino board) and GND, and SDA & SCL. It was working fine, but after a few times when I touched it to change its position, LSM6DS33 suddenly stopped working. Nothing is fried I think, but there is no voltage on VDD pin. Is there any chance to check if this sensor still can be used? If not, what is the reason?
Thank you,
Julian Prolejko

Hello, Julian.

I am sorry you are having trouble getting your LSM6DS33 to work reliably. It sounds like there might be a loose/damaged wire or a cold/bad soldered joint in your system. If you send pictures that clearly show you setup, its connections, and any soldered joints, I can try to narrow down what the issue is.