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LSM303DLHC with K3NG AZ / EL Antenna Rotator

Trying to get the LSM303DLHC working with K3NG AZ /EL Antenna Rotator. Code is here: GitHub - k3ng/k3ng_rotator_controller: K3NG Arduino Amateur Radio Rotator Controller
THere is an option to select various sensors Including the Pololu LSM303DLHC and Library files. After calibration the minimum Azimuth reading is 259 degrees. Maximum Azimuth reading 335 degrees. the Elevation readings appear correct except the sign is reversed.

Can you help with this?

Andy AE8J

Hello, Andy.

I would suggest trying to contact the authors of that software or a community of its users, as they would probably be able to offer you more specific guidance getting our board working with it. I noticed a link to their email group in the documentation, so that would probably be a good place to start.

However, I can offer a few suggestions. First, if your azimuth reading is coming from the magnetometer, then a good magnetometer calibration is very important for accurately measuring direction, so you might need to try calibrating again. Second, a reversed elevation reading suggests that the LSM303DLHC might be mounted in a different orientation than what the software expects (such as flipped upside down or rotated 180 degrees).


Thanks Kevin,

I got it working by swapping the the x and y axes in the software. But last night another issue developed. The Elevation axis is working properly but the Azimuth axis now reads the same value as the Elevation axis.

It’s possible there is a problem with the way you’re swapping the axes, but again, I recommend asking some people more familiar with that software for assistance.