lsm303dlhc accel data

I’m using lsm3030dlhc and when I’m reading the data I got following results.
Acc: -100 -96 996
Acc: -96 -88 984
Acc: -88 -84 992
Acc: -100 -88 996
Acc: -100 -88 984
Acc: -100 -84 992
Acc: -96 -88 996
Acc: -96 -84 988

, where values are x, y, z accordingly after conversion to int. My question is,
Is it expected that data differs (as seen above) in case where board is left untouched on the desk? Is the sensor so sensitive?
My configuration is Full Scale range +/- 2g


Hello, Krzysztof.

Yes, that looks like a normal amount of variation in the accelerometer’s output. You should expect to see some degree of noise and offset in the readings, and keep in mind that each digit represents 1/1000 of one g, so the absolute magnitude of the variation is still a small fraction of one g.

- Kevin