LSM303D reference for registers

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I am working in C, trying to understand the register settings. The Data Sheet from ST is thorough if you are more familiar with these devices. I’m just starting up the learning curve. Using MikroC Pro Pic EasyPro 7 development board. Any suggestions for sources to understand register settings for the LSM303D or other sensors? I2C working but cannot get data to refresh.

Thanks, Dan

The data sheet is the only reliable resource. If you have specific questions about register settings, post them here, along with your code (using the code tags “</>” button).

As with most I2C devices, after any required initialization steps, to get data from the LSM303D you just issue a read request for the register(s) in question.

Hello, Dan.

Like Jim mentioned, sensors like the LSM303D generally need to be configured or initialized before useful data can be obtained from them. You could take a look at our LSM303 library, specifically the enableDefault function, to see how we configure the registers before getting data.


Thanks Jonathan.

Do you have a good reference text book that would help me understand some of the nuances of the registers on these sensors?

Thanks again. Dan

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We do not know of any other sources of information on these sensors other than what the manufacturer provides directly. You might try looking at the application notes and other documents on ST’s product page for the LSM303D, which provide a little more information than what is in the datasheet.