LSM303D - Instantaneous Movement Detection & Free fall Detection

I’m using MSP430G2553 with LSM303D to a project and I would like to detect Instantaneous movement and free fall. I understand a bit of how it works but I don’t understand interrupt configurations and how it works. My question is:
I configure CTRL1 = 0x57, CTRL3 = 0x20, IG_CFG1 = 0x55.

  PTxData[0] = 0x57;// 100hz
  PTxData[1] = CTRL1;
  TXByteCtr = 2;
  PTxData[0] = 0x20; 
  PTxData[1] = CTRL3;
  TXByteCtr = 2;

   PTxData[0] = 0x55; //Enable interrupt generation on X,Y,Z low event or direction recognition.
  PTxData[1] = IG_CFG1; //6-direction movement recognition
  TXByteCtr = 2;

  PTxData[0] = 0x01;  //TH=50
  PTxData[1] = IG_THS1;
  TXByteCtr = 2;

  P1IES &= ~ INT1;  //I did this configuration to use interrupt. 

But my interrupt is never occur. What am I missing?


Unfortunately, we do not have much experience with the interrupts on that sensor. It looks like there is nothing too specific explaining how to use the interrupt generators in the datasheet or application notes for the LSM303D, either. Although this app note is for another ST sensor, you might be able to read through it and get some clues on what to expect and how to generate interrupts on the LSM303D.