LSM303D from Zumo Shield 1.2 hang in init()


i try to use the examples from the LSM303D library with a Zumo Shield 1.2.
My Board is an Arduino Uno R3. No example sketch is working, it seems to stop in the compas.init() function.
What can be wrong?

Thank you in advance

Hello, Mihai.

I am sorry you are having trouble running one of the LSM303 Arduino library’s sketches on your Zumo. What version of the Arduino IDE are you using? Can you post close-up pictures of the Zumo with and without your Arduino connected to it? If you have access to a multimeter, can you try doing a continuity test to see if the I2C lines are connected to the respective Arduino header pins A4 (SDA) and A5 (SCL) on the Zumo board?

- Amanda


I think that I broken the I2C lines on the shield, I am not so much on electronics, more on the software side :slight_smile:
I tested with the following sketch
and it seems that without the shield the Arduino Uno board is ok, but when the shield is connected it stops after
I am lucky that only the sensors are broken, the motors, buzzer, LED and buttons are ok.
Thank you

I am not sure if you are interested in continuing to troubleshoot the issue, but if you are, please answer the questions in my previous post and provide close-up pictures of your Zumo shield with and without your Arduino attached to it.

- Amanda


I am sure that I destroyed the shield, so I do not want to continue.

Thank you