Lsm303d drdy signals

i want to make use of the “data ready” option for the accelerometer and for the magnetometer,interrupts can be activated from the CTRL3 (INT1) and CTRL4 (INT2).Looking at these two registers you can see that both have the options “Accelerometer data-ready signal” and “Magnetometer data-ready signal” where according to the register we will choose we must also use it the right interrupt.
What I want to ask is,i can by from the register CTRL3 (INT1) or from the register CTRL4 (INT2) i can read the both signals “Accelerometer data-ready signal” and “Magnetometer data-ready signal” or each must be read by a different register??
Datasheet lsm303d

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You should be able to enable both the accelerometer and magnetometer data-ready signals on INT1 and/or INT2. If you enable both data-ready signals on a single interrupt, you will not be able to distinguish which data-ready is ready, though the interrupt will let you know that some data (either magnetometer or accelerometer) is ready. If you want to be able to identify which type of data is ready, you should enable the magnetometer and accelerometer on different interrupt pins (e.g. enable magnetometer on INT1 and accelerometer on INT2 or vice versa). You can also use the STATUS_A and STATUS_M registers to see which data is ready. In each of those registers there are three specific bits, one each for X, Y, and Z axis, that let users know when new values are available.


Thank you very much jonathan.