Hello everyone.
My problem is with magnetometer sensor of LSM303DLM.
After reading one byte of the magnetometer,any byte Xh,Xl or any else, it doesn’t meter, I need to restsrt the sensor such as to shut down it. Any condition to read more byte having no result. Note that I transmit the value 0x00 to the MR_REG_M register address 0x02. If enyone can tel me what I’m doing wrong?


Why do you have to restart the sensor? What happens when you try to read another byte? What do you mean by “no result”? Does it hang/timeout or something else? Can you post the simplest code that exhibits your problem? Have you seen the “Protocol Hints” section of the product page? There is a tip that might be particularly relevant:

- Ryan

I need to restart the sensor being and I can’t read the exact register twice.
I will try to read all registers exactly like you say. and see what’s happening.