LSM303 accelerometer unit conversion

Hi, I have an LSM303 unit on teh MINIMU9 V1 board. I was looking into converting the accelerometer values into g’s or m/s^2. I did some googling, and I found that I just need to divide the values by the sensitivity. However, I don’t know where to find the sensitivity values. Where can I obtain the sensitivity (2g, 4g, or 8g)? Thank you


The way to get the acceleration is by multiplying the acceleration output reading by the linear acceleration sensitivity (symbol LA_So in the datasheet in section 2.1). The correct LA_So number to use is based on the setting of the FS bits of the CTRL_REG4_A register. You can read that register to determine what sensitivity your sensor is set to.

You should also be able to figure it out because you have a good reference acceleration handy (the earth’s gravity).


Thanks for the reply! I found in the datasheet (it was hidden a bit) that the default was 2G, so I’ll be going off that value for now, but just to be sure, I’ll read that register from the board. Thanks!

I am glad you found what you needed. Good luck with your project!