LS20031 Using LED as PPS


Could anyone provide insight into whether or not the red LED on the LS20031 GPS receiver could be used as a reliable PPS? In other words, is this LED PPS based on GPS time or a local oscillator?
I need a hardware based PPS from the unit and am considering removing the LED for this purpose.

I have double checked the data-sheet and can’t find a detailed schematic.

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We are not sure what that red LED’s 1Hz frequency is based off of. All of the information we have available for that GPS can be found inside its datasheet, which does not have that level of detail. However, the datasheet does explain that the red LED will not blink at 1Hz if it does not have a GPS fix. If you have the GPS module, and access to an oscilloscope, you might try measuring it yourself to see if it is reliable enough for your application.