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LS20031 and Pro Micro 3.3v 8mhz; Misread data

I am trying to run the basic TinyGPS examples but the data is not being read properly, even at 57600 which should be the default. I have even tried setting it to other baud rates to see if the data looks any better but it looks like the below at 57600:

bšâŠæ šÂÊ&yÊÆÊÅÖ
‰‘Z ƒ
&‡P‡ÌL\4qp9^žS*bâŊ"D{r½š2—ÉÓ3§f&&FK AJ4
H ÇÓA\Á,a$G°G,fs4lŒ&É3L‹šž9N9oy5XŽ,ar2d7.a73c,W\1Xy,a70c&9b9\Í,]16^7,,X%5qƒ
$‡PFL\499.y7y5,ž,1b2h)Ó³¦NËÉÓ3§f&™'&L‹P—H%'gCAÉ©šP¢â±$G ÇG,2c4hq3^t00L4q89^žÓ§#æ )’f"ºâŠtbzÅa ‚ÂrŠšÆŠ’æŠbÖÅ©I“#îâjaâRb2ÔDˆÙ© ‰ÊÊrš:ÊZâraŠ&™F»òŠvšÆzÅ&¢B šÆ‰‚q a ¤B*5Y"ví 6 $°G,fs4hq3^v00L4q09^97y–O,1b24g.1g33\×,a,Lœ–79c69b79\£,q6^©Æ²²FÕHÒ,Š SÊâʺšbâŊ"’Ž½òŠzšÂ½1“¢B
±)£:ÕLˆÑfbÉ$G G,fs4lœ& ⢊‚–yÊvÊVar±
“’FN):ÊZâraŠ$‘¢îòŠzšÂ:Ä"šF¡Š6y†ƒbÅ(Š‰’Ò$ˆé¥´VÆÉ"$G G,b’#Ó’3 3L‹šž8N9oy5XŽ,ar2l)Ó³¦NË)bšâŠæ ›ÂÊ&yÊÆêÅÖ[/quote]

Any ideas as to how to determine the current baud rate on the gps without purchasing another board or gps? Also, I am under the impression that I cannot send commands to the gps without knowing the baud rate to communicate with it, is this correct?


Could you post a picture of your setup showing all the connections? If you have access to an oscilloscope, could you check what the serial port is doing? Could you get serial of the Pro Micro to work with other devices?

- Jeremy

I currently have a magnetometer that runs on the pro micro and it appears to be working just fine. I will attempt to get some oscilloscope captures. http://imgur.com/NtSnNMX
Here is a picture of the setup with the magnetometer also attached. I have also tried with only the GPS device attached.