Hi, I have been trying to get data from the LPS25H. The lectures are correct but I can’t get an accuracy for the altitude that is useful for my project. I need to measure altitude for an indoor quadcopter flight and need to measure dozens of centimeters or less. I have tried the embedded HW filter, programming a pressure average, programming an altitude average, but the altitude always ranges from -2 to 3 meters approximately.

Can someone give me some tips to get a better accuracy?

Thanks for your time.


I am sorry you are having problems with your AltIMU-10 v4. Did you specifically enable the hardware moving average by selecting FIFO_MEAN MODE in FIFO_CTRL (see page 35 of the LPS25H datasheet)?

You included the graphs from our LPS25H pressure/altitude sensor carrier blog post in an email to us, but for anyone else reading this, that blog post shows how much noise reduction we were able to achieve using the moving average feature.