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Low-side MOSFET load at 24 V

Hello, I’m interested in getting a MOSFET switch, but I have trouble identifying the right one. Both the small (https://www.pololu.com/product/2802) and medium (https://www.pololu.com/product/2803) state that the switch can deliver 3 and 15 A respectively at 5 V, and can work with a supply voltage of up to 30 V.

I have a LED module that I want to supply with 24 V, and it requires 1 Amp to function. I was just wondering what the current limit is for both switches at 24 V. I don’t know much about how MOSFETs work, is it just as simple as they can deliver 3 or 15 A at any voltage? Or is it a maximum power limit, so 15 and 75 W max for the small and medium switch respectively?



I think I understand, basically, when VCC is supplied with 5 volts, the MOSFET can deliver up to 30V - 3A, right?

Hi, John.

Yes, as you figured out, the switch with [small low-side MOSFET] can handle 3A and the one with [medium low-side MOSFET] can handle 15A through the entire input voltage range when VCC is 5V.