I am a real newbie.

I bought a 3PI and an Orangutan and am trying to figure out how they work. I downloaded the software and the programmer seems to be showing the correct lights. However when I try to run a program in the AVR environment the build fails and I get a fatal error telling me that it can not find orangutan.h. I can not find it either. So help please.


I got it to work using the Arduino software a little bit. I still can not find #include <OrangutanLEDs.h> and get the following message:

27: error: OrangutanLEDs.h: No such file or directory In function ‘void loop()’:

How do I get this found by the program?


OK. Sorry for the bother. I had the directories in different places. When I figured out where they were supposed to go every one of the example programs worked. I have to make my line follower board and then I will try it.

thanks for the patience,

Hank :smiley:

Hi, Hank.

I’m glad to hear you have things working now. If you have any further difficulties, please let us know and we’ll be happy to try to help you through them. Good luck with your line follower!

- Ben