Losing power during programming 3pi robot

Hi all,

Power supply failed while programming my 3pi robot. Now I get an error while programming it again: “…changing programming mode… Failure”. Maybe I disabled robot due to firsly power supply failure. Is there any way of resetting 3pi robot microprocessor?


Unfortunately, if the microcontroller was corrupted, it will likely need to be replaced. What programmer were you using?

- Ben

Hello Ben,

Pololu USB AVR Programmer is the one I am using to program the robot. I updated it to firmeware version 1.03. How could I replace the micro?. It is stiked on the board. Should I solder it manually?

Jose Lopez

The USB AVR programmer is pretty good about detecting target power failure quickly and aborting programming before the AVR can be corrupted. Have you successfully programmed the 3pi in the past with this programmer? Also, have you tried cycling power on your programmer by unplugging it from your computer?

Unless you have a lot of surface-mount rework experience and specialized rework equipment, I do not recommend you try replacing the microcontroller yourself. Please contact us directly with your order information and we’ll work with you to help you get it fixed.

- Ben