Looking for tutorials & resources for making flapping wings

I am a complete beginner, though I’ll be having some help from my boyfriend who is a little more mechanically savvy. I would like any tips or referrals to resources and / or kits that I can make a fairy wing flapping device with.
This would be worn on a person, but the wing panels themselves are extremely lightweight, just a few ounces each panel.
I’ve scoured the internet and although I see a lot of cosplayers who have created wings with movement, the movement is usually raising up and down in an un-folding manner in angel or batwings.
These would be simpler as far as the number of moving parts, all I want is a slow flap, like this: instagram.com/p/-udZynFbBv/ … =dhunterrr
The activation method is not as important, but it would be cool if they could be activated by motion, sound or even muscle detection if possible.
That device does use at least a few parts from this website, however I think the wings are much smaller than mine, and I don’t know what else was used beyond the Arduino compatible Nano V4, the Teensy 2.3 chip and the micro Metal Gearmotors.
Unfortunately there are no kits I could find to get even this simple motion beyond Mindstorm, or maybe I’m not using the correct search terms. I’ve considered the Lego Mindstorm kit but it’s pricey and fairly bulky as well, so I want to be sure I’m using the right gear for this project and if I can find more compact parts, even better. Light weight is important, as well as battery operation.
Any tips, resources or advice on what components to buy or even just narrowing down what specifically I need to look for would be a huge help!
You can see the general wing sizes I’m thinking of using here: fancyfairy.com/fairywingsrtl.html
If I can get it to work I could try something bigger but for now I’d be happy with normal sized flapping wings.
Thanks in advance!