Looking for tracks and teethed sprockets

I’m looking for a linked (black links) track, and its teethed sprockets. I saw it in the Pololu site but can’t find it now. Not to be confused with the Pololu item 1059: RP5 Tracked (yellow or gray) Chassis.

I’d appreciate any help, thanks.



Are the items at the end of our wheels, tracks, and ball casters category what you were looking for?


Mmm nop, thanks, but I found it:


Now my question is: it seems to come in three pre-assembled lengths:
Two 30-link tracks
Four ten-link tracks
Four eight-link tracks

Can I disassemble those lengths in order to get the track lenght I need?



I’m glad you found it. I added product 106 to the category Paul suggested to you. You cannot disassemble those lengths into smaller segments.


Thanks. Why cannot I disassemble the lengths? Are the links assembled with pins, and the pins being glued?


If you look at the picture of the parts on the parts trees, you can see that the tracks are injection-molded in those lengths; they do not have individual links and pins.

- Jan

It can’t be that way, because it can be used with a sprocket and motorised with a gearbox, they can’t be rigid, they must be workable!

They’re not rigid. That, however, doesn’t mean that they’re comprised of individual links.

- Ben

ok, I understand, those “rigid” lengths are like the vynil tracks that come with some rc tanks.

Not to direct you to another provider (Pololu is great), but if you are looking for a track system capable of doing real work, check out Lynxmotion:


I built a tactical robot with these and it can carry me on top of it no problem (they were not designed for such loads- I had to machine my own adaptor hubs to connect them to my larger gearmotors, nonetheless, the track system itself is very durable and easy to set up.)