Looking for servo/motor usb controller recommendation

Greetings friendly forum people.

After watching an awful lot of videos on youtube, ive come to the conclusion that I might need a bit of guidance on this one…

All the the videos I have seen, they program some commands, unplug the USB and let it run its loops.

Im looking for a board thats 12+ channels, and will let me control the connected servos/motors “live” from my pc keyboard or xbox controller (through USB cable ideally)

If anybody got the slightest clue to what im rambling about/looking for, ill take any and all help offered.


You might be able to make a system like that using one of our Maestro servo controllers; however, our Maestro Control Center software does not support using a gamepad or other USB HID device for “live” control like you are describing, so you would need to write your own software to handle that.

There are many ways you could go about making a system like that. For example, you could use a program like AutoHotkey with our usccmd command-line utility for the Maestro to send commands to the Maestro from specific keyboard strokes, as described in our Using AutoHotkey with Pololu USB Products application note. Alternatively, you could write your own software for more control; you can find some information about this in the “Writing PC Software to Control the Maestro” section of the Maestro user’s guide. Another solution might be to use a separate controller such as an Arduino to monitor the gamepad inputs and control the Maestro through the TTL serial interface, in which case our Maestro library for Arduino might be helpful.


Thanks for very detailed answer! :slight_smile:

This means I`ll be having a hot date with my computer and an online dictionary this weekend :smiley:

Once again, thank you for the reply.

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