Looking for recommendation on ADC to use with LPY510AL Gyro


I want to use the LPY510AL Dual-Axis Gyro, but my processor doesn’t have an analog input. I need to purchase a separate analog to digital converter. Does anyone have a recommendation on one that works well with the LPY510AL? Does Pololu sell one? I didn’t find any on the web site.



We do not carry any stand-alone ADCs, and I don’t think I’ve used one this century. I strongly recommend that you just get a microcontroller with an integrated ADC, but if you have to use an MCU that doesn’t have an ADC, you need to think about what kind of interface and package you want. Ten bits of resolution is probably fine, and it doesn’t have to be fast, so there are plenty of options at sites like Digi-Key.

One product of ours that you might consider is the Micro Maestro. It is primarily a servo controller, but you can set up all the channels to be analog inputs, and you would have an ADC with a serial interface. It’s overkill for just an ADC, but if you just want to play around with the gyro a bit and think you might have other servo or USB-based control applications in the future, the Micro Maestro can generally be handy.

- Jan

The Maestro is an excellent suggestion. I never would have made the connection between what I needed and a servo controller. Plus I get USB-to-TTL serial adapter in the Maestro. It looks like a great device! Thanks! --Osman