Looking for Non-Conductive Foam

I’ve been looking around for a source of a small quantity of non-conductive foam (2-4 sq. ft. of 0.25" thick) and have totally struck out. I can buy a larger quantity from industrial suppliers, but I really don’t need that much. Where do y’all get yours?



There are all kinds of foams; what do you want? Would foam core work? I’ve seen that in most supermarkets. If the paper on both sides won’t do, maybe a crafts store will have small foam sheets.

- Jan

Hi Jan,
What I’m looking for is some anti-static foam to store my static sensitive chips on. I have a cabinet (fishing tackle box) with plastic drawers that I store my embedded supplies in and I’m concerned about the microprocessors in particular. I figured I’d line the bottom of a couple of the drawers and stick the chips in the foam.


Oh. You said non-conductive in your first post, but you want conductive foam. Jameco has two square feet for $12:

jameco.com/webapp/wcs/store … ctId=13864

- Jan

Oops, so I did…another ‘senior moment’! :blush:
Thanks Jan, that is exactly what I’m looking for.


Sometimes I ship things where I cover everything in Aluminum foil, connect it to the grounds, and then cover in non conductive foam (the usual type of foam.)

Specifically, I have shipped a few Mosfets like this. It should work with anything else.