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Looking for GRBL compatible motor driver

I have some brushed 24V DC motors with hall sensors that mounted inside linear actuators. They have 6 leads. One for forward, one for back, one for hall sensor 1 and one for hall sensor 2, one ground, and one 5v.
I’d like to repurpose these linear actuators into a CNC machine, and I think I can use the open source GRBL software, but I need to find a driver to work with these motors that accepts digital step and direction pulses.


We do not have any brushed DC motor controllers that can use encoder feedback to control a motor with a STEP/DIR interface, and unfortunately I do not have any suggestions for where you might find something like that. However, if it is an option to control your motors through a different interface, you might check out our RoboClaws or our MCP motor controllers, which have integrated quadrature decoders you can use to implement closed-loop speed or position control through several other control interface.

- Patrick