Looking for full dimension

Hello, I’m looking for all this part dimension, can someone provide me the data?

with the rubber tire dimension.


From the specifications on the Pololu Wheel 42x19mm Pair product page:

The wheel with tire on has a diameter of 42 mm and a width of 19 mm.

- Ryan

how about the dimension for each teeth of the rim, the thickness of the rubber wheel and etc. May I have every detail of this product because I want to draw it using Solid Work. Thank you.

Maybe you get the picture, what dimension that I really need, this is some example other dimension that I want need, maybe you can provide me more than this. Thanks Ryan


I moved this thread from the Resources forum, to the Other Pololu Products forum.

Sorry, we don’t specify those dimensions you are asking for. If you would like additional dimensions, you can measure them. We aren’t planning on changing the mold any time soon, but we don’t want to commit to overly-specific dimensions.

- Ryan

thanks Ryan