Looking for a script writer to help with my project


i built an electric reel that i would like to improve. i was looking at the orangutan controller to do the functions that i need. i don’t have a clue on how to write the scripts, so i am willing to pay someone to help.

what i am trying to do is:

#1 a way to display revolutions translated into feet on a digital display. Resettable. (a counter up and down) also I would like it to be able to show two lines of depth. Top line to display instant line out and the bottom line to be set with a button when the weight hits ground so when you reel up the line it starts to count down. up to 9999

#2 I need to control one servo (my speed control) with a potentiometer and a radio controlled button (mom on/off) so when you hit the button its full on.

if anyone can help i would greatly appreciate it.