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Looking for a FAST micro servo

Hi all, hope all is well :slight_smile:

Right now I am using an Emax ES9051 4.3g Digital Mini Servo motor for a project.
This is the set up I am currently using to power my motor (img below)

As you can see, I am using an Arduino to control the servo. I am using the PyFirmata library to control the servo and this is the code I have written which, (in my understanding), is supposed to make the servo go at its top speed.
Note, ^ is there to make sure I did not make a clumsy error.

How the system works: The motor moves the white component, (I will now call this a finger), and the finger touches a piano key which produces a sound.

PROBLEM: The motor does not actuate the finger fast enough.

I am looking for suggestions for fast micro servos that operate at a speed greater than 0.09 seconds/60 degrees.

Alternatively, I know using a crankshaft is a possibility - I am interested in hearing the opinion of the people in this forum.

Please note that: i can switch out the battery for one with a higher voltage, but I would like to refrain from spending over 100USD, as I plan to eventually have 88 of them. It is crucial that the motor is micro.

Thank you <3

for more information regarding the design please visit: github.com/nfranczak/Centipede/tree/master/Design

You might try changing your x of 0.0015 to 0 to see if that makes any difference, but if you find you need faster than your servo’s specified speed, you might consider the Power HD DSM44, which has a rating of 0.07 sec/60° at 6 V. We carry a couple that are 0.08 sec/60° as well, such as the Feetech FS0403 and Power HD HD-1800A and HD-1900A.


A piano key does not work like a computer keyboard or electric typewriter. The force is more like that of typing on an old fashion typewriter. Your best actuator may be a solenoid or hydraulic

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