Looking for a dc motor driver datasheet of md12a (0j7043)

Does anyone still hold one?

thanks in advanced,


There are three versions of our high power motor drivers that use that board:


I am not sure which driver you have, but the Resources tab of each of those product pages has the datasheets for the MOSFETs and current sensor used. We do not release the datasheets for the driver IC on our high powered motor drivers, but we do try to put all of the information we think you might need on the product pages for these motor drivers. Is there some specific information you were looking for that is not on the product page?

Additionally, if you post some pictures of both sides of the driver, I might be able to identify which board it is.


i know this is old, but this may be helpful
The IC driver from these boards is: A3941 - Automotive Full Bridge MOSFET Driver from Allegro