Longer Cable For WS2812B LED

I am going to be stringing together several WS2812B LEDs in a “snaking” chain. For this project I will need to have the strips light up in a sequential fashion (first strip would be LEDs 0-29, second strip would be LEDs 30-59, etc.). From my understanding, I will need to connect the strips in this manner: input strip to power and Arduino, output connector to the input connector on the next strip and so on. The problem is that the distance between the output and input connectors will be about 3.5 to 4 feet. I was wondering if I could use the following parts to create a longer cable:



I would prefer not to have to solder anything since I have zero facility in that department!



The pins on the JST SM connectors are separated by 0.1", so you should be able to use our pre-crimped wires and crimp connector housing with the LED strip. (Althought ,you will probably want to get the Male-Female wires.) Unfortunately, we do no carry any JST SM connectors or cables. I do not know where you might find cables with JST SM connectors in specific lengths; however, you might be able use this Cable Set kit from Adafruit to make custom length cables.

- Jeremy

Thanks, Jeremy. I will give your suggestions a try!