Here is my test platform for learning to work with AVR micros. I cajoled these three baby-O to talk to each other over TWI.

In this video, the top Baby-O polls the other two over TWI, the slaves each returning a number, which the Master displays bitwise on the LCD.

Slave 1 returns gradually increasing numbers, and slave 2 returns decreasing numbers. Every 16 polls it starts polling the other slave.

Thanks to Pololu staff on the forums for helping me get to this point.

Mike Clemens

Hi, Mike.

Thanks for sharing. That looks nicely laid out, and though the people who’ve seen my office might disagree, I’m a big fan of neatness in this kind of work. I noticed you have the CP2102-based USB-to-serial adapter we were talking about the other day and our AVR programmer; do you know the AVR programmer can also be a USB-to-serial adapter, and if so, what is you reason for using both?

- Jan

Hi Jan, thanks.

Yep I did use the AVR programmer serial port at first, until my CP2102 device arrived. I’ve used both just because I thought the CP2102 device was probably closer to what I might spec in a final design, and my programmer gets moved around from board to board so it isn’t ever on that setup for long.