Logic Level Shifter

Hi. I am planning to use this shifter to convert a 3.3v signal coming from an Arduino MKR 1010 board going to an Actuonix linear actuator that requires a 5v signal.

The actuator has a separate 6v power supply.

I haven’t used logic level shifters before. My question is: Can I connect both low and high voltage pins on the shifter, to the same Arduino board (the 3.3v out and 5v out respectively)?

Or, does the high side 5v on the shifter need to come from a separate power supply?

Thanks in advance for your help!



Yes, the LV and HV sources for the level shifter can come from the same Arduino board; just make sure you still have a common ground between the Arduino and your actuator.


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Thank you!

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Great, thank you for getting back to me! Really appreciate it.


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