Logic Level Shifter, 4-Channel, Bidirectional Issue

So, I’m in the process of creating an H-Bridge motor controller and ran into the problem of not getting enough power to my main transistors in order to power my motors (Didn’t realize that the base voltage of a transistor is always 0.7v above the emitter :confused: ). So I found this product to convert a 5V signal into a 12V signal that will go to the base of the H-Bridge transistors to allow them to pass 12V from the collector. I tested the shifter with a simple I/O test with a volt meter and all seemed to work properly, but now that I’ve implemented it into my project, the High level voltage is the same as the Low level voltage. The system is running off of a 12V mini-car battery and I have a 5V regulator for the Low power logic section. The two OUT’s are going to the H-Bridge.


I am sorry you are having problems using your level shifter. Could you tell me more about your setup? Could you also post a diagram and pictures of your setup?

- Jeremy