Loading a program to 3pi with Arduino

I just got in my 3pi and I’m trying to program it with Arduino via the Orangutan USB-Serial Port programmer. I verified that the jumper is set to ‘program’. I’ve tried compiling and loading several of your example sketches, but I keep getting the same (or at least similar) error messages in Arduino’s serial monitor:

Any idea what’s going on?



One of your error lines is:

at processing.app.AvrdudeUploader.uploadViaBootloader(AvrdudeUploader.java:62)

This makes me wonder if you’re trying to upload the code via the Arduino bootloader rather than an ICSP (e.g. the Orangutan USB programmer). Have you configured the IDE to program using an avrispv2 ICSP rather than the bootloader? I’ll look into it a bit further if you continue to have problems, but you might consider trying to program with AVR Studio (if you’re running on Windows) or avrdude directly.

- Ben

I’m using the Orangutan.

I’ll use AVR if that’s the best option, I really would prefer Arduino. I’m in school to be a science teacher and I’m working on developing projects and lessons on microcontrollers, etc. I would like to limit the number of languages that I ask my students to learn and everything I’ve done so far for this has been in arduino/processing.

Thanks for the assist.

And yes, I configured the IDE to avrispv2. But I’ll go back and double check that I did it correctly.