Little help please!

Hi I have the following code that is supposed to turn a transmitter (ulatrasound) on permanently. Then a receiver on and refresh every so often so i can see it pick up the ultrasound. Obviuosly it is returning nothing…

The receiver is wired to the ADC6 like so:
5 V — known resistor —o--- ultrasound receiver(variable resistor) — GND
the o node is to the pin of the ADC.
the transmitter is wired in series with a resitor just like an led…

the transmitter and receiver are pointed at each other the result ( a number i assume) is supposed to appear on the lcd.

I have never used ultrasound before so some help would be greatly appreciated.




I have not heard of ultrasound receivers that act like variable resistors, nor have I heard of ultrasound transmitters that work like LEDs. Can you link me to a datasheet for your sensors?

- Ben

No no your the expert, I have probably wired them completely wrongly. I assumed the transmitter should be wired like an led in that you just turn it on and off and it stays at a constant frequency. And the recevier works on the basis of changing the resistance when it receives a signal, but now i think about it that sounds completely wrong? How DO you wire them??? is my code therefore completely nuts?


I have absolutely no idea. You need to give me more information about them, such as their datasheets or at the very least the name/model number of the sensor. Didn’t you get some information about it when you bought it? Have you tried using google to look for a datasheet?

Also, you should never assume an electronic component works a certain way. Electronics can be very sensitive; connecting them incorrectly can often easily break them. Read the datasheet first, then put it in an appropriate circuit.

- Ben

Sorry Ben, yeah all the website had was this - there is a bit of data at the bottom - … d#techspec
and a pdf next to each little description - the data sheet

I really don’t have any experience with ultrasonic transducers, but I did a little searching around and found this page: … sonics.htm

Hopefully this will answer a lot of your questions. If not, try googling a bit for ultrasonic transducer resources.

- Ben