LIS3MDL - SDO/SA1 and CS Pin Connections

I have figured out most of the other pins on this carrier, but I haven’t found any resource that explains where the SDO/SA1 and CS pins should be connected to my Uno R3. The Uno has pins marked as SCL and SDA - but none marked as SDO (or SA1) or as CS I’ve read the associated material on Pololu’s product page, and I’ve searched Google but I still don’t understand how to physically connect these pins, and I didn’t see ANY pin references in the example code in the LIS3MDL library I downloaded from GitHub.


I moved your post to the Sensors subforum, which is more appropriate.

We describe what connections to make under the Hardware section of the GitHub page for our Arduino LIS3MDL library. If you only plan to use a single LIS3MDL with our Arduino library, you should not need to connect the SDO/SA1 and CS pins.


Thanks Jon - I was looking too hard at the 3rd paragraph of the “Connections” section of the description on the product page.
I’m very impressed by the service I’ve been getting from Pololu. Las Vegas is close enough to Oregon that I have received my orders in about 2 days after I place them. And we get good answers from those of you who work there.

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