LiPo charging through Power Switch possible?

I’m using a mini MOSFET Power Switch with an Adafruit Feather board. The board can charge a LiPo that’s plugged into it when you power the micro USB. Any idea if that’d still work if I insert the Power Switch between the battery and the Feather’s battery pin? Guessing not, but it’d sure be nice!

Hello, JP.

WIthout knowing more details about the charging circuit, it is hard to say how it will affect the switch. Also, as noted on the pushbutton power switch’s product page, the switch is one-directional, so it would not be able to switch while charging. You will probably have to test it yourself to see if it works; if you do, we would be interested to know how it goes.


Hi Brandon. I don’t know too much about the charging circuit either, it is a 100mA lipoly charger built into the Adafruit Feather board.

From the product page: [quote]To make it easy to use for portable projects, we added a connector for any of our 3.7V Lithium polymer batteries and built in battery charging. You don’t need a battery, it will run just fine straight from the micro USB connector. But, if you do have a battery, you can take it on the go, then plug in the USB to recharge. The Feather will automatically switch over to USB power when its available. We also tied the battery thru a divider to an analog pin, so you can measure and monitor the battery voltage to detect when you need a recharge.[/quote]

I’ve got one of the old style Power Switches now and just ordered some of the new school ones. I’ll try charging through the old one and see what happens.