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Lipo charging - mini push button power switch LV

Thanks in advance for your assistance.
I intend to include a mini push button power switch LV between my lipo battery (3.3v 1000mAh) and Teensy 3.2.
I also wish to include a lipo battery charging function.
Is it possible to connect the +ve output of the lipo charger(3.3v 100mAh) between the lipo battery +ve and the vin of the mini pushbutton power switch LV? Will the mini pushbutton power switch LV prevent the charging output from feeding into the Teensy 3.2?


While the switch is off, the voltage from the input should not reach the output. If the battery is charging while the switch is on, the Teensy will effectively be powered by the charger; if that is okay for both the Teensy and the charger, then it should be fine.


Thank you Brandon for your quick reply :slightly_smiling_face: