Linking multiple products

I have a pololu TReX and 8 servo serial controller.
As far as i can tell, i should be able to control both the trex and the servo controller using the same set of GPIO pins from an Arduino board, or somehow daisy chain he two controllers via serial - Has anybody got an example of it being done either way? Physically, using TTL/GPIO looks nicer than anything i can think of with the serial interfaces - the TReX has pins, while the servo controller has a DB9 interface


Both the TReX and serial 8 servo controller have logic-level (TTL) serial inputs that you can connect to your Arduino’s hardware UART (or a pin configured for software serial). You should connect your Arduino’s serial transmit line to both the SIN pin on your servo controller and the SI pin on your TReX. You can then communicate with both devices by sending the appropriate commands (you will need to use the TReX expanded protocol).

Please note that you cannot connect the outputs of both devices to the same Arduino serial receive line, since both outputs are driving. You can most likely leave the serial output of the servo controller disconnected since all it does is echo back the commands it receives. I recommend you connect the TReX’s serial transmit line, SO, to your Arduino’s serial receive line.

Does this answer your questions?

- Ben