Linker Zigbee Gateway Module

Linker ZigBee gateway module is one kind of Linker modules which can communicate with up to 32 ZigBee node devices. It is powered by Marvell 88MZ100 ZigBee microcontroller SoC chip. This ZigBee offers advantages for many application scenarios, including lighting control, smart metering, home/building automation, remote controls and health care applications.

Marvell MZ100 ZigBee SoC chip
A ZigBee compliant platform and IEEE802.15.4-2003/2006 transceiver
32 bit ARM Cortex M3 microcontroller running at 32 or 64 MHz with Marvell’s proven peripheral IPs
On-chip DC-DC converter that can directly take input range from 2 volt to 3.6 volt
UART serial communication protocol
Linker port with 4 pins