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Link Cell Phone to Microcontroller

Hello, I’m planning my next project - a light weight autonomous UAV guided with GPS. The goal is to reach a location several miles away (~25 miles), take photographs, and return to the launch point (~50 mile round trip). The main problem is communication. I want to monitor UAV location and view intermittent photographs. To communicate over long distances, I plan to use a cell phone linked to my ZX-40 microcontroller (zbasic.net) via Bluetooth and use the phone as a modem. Is this possible? Has anyone communicated with their microcontroller via cell phone?

I have some recent experience with microcontrollers. This is my ground bot (GBOT):

And this is my inverted pendulum bot (GBOT90) using the same system shown above:

I appreciate your comments.

Did you ever finish the cell phone project - were you able to get the 25 miles? Also, did you have to get any kind of liability insurance in case it crashes and damages property?

There is a possibility that what you are doing would be considered illegal-- Department of Defense. It’s similar to trying to put a guidance system on a model rocket- that’s illegal because DoD then classifies that as a missile.

Just FYI

If only he didn’t build in some defense system for nit to be tracked down…