Linear actuator to replace pneumatic; looking for application examples?

Hi. I’d like to replace a pneumatic cylinder with force feedback control (from a load cell) with an all-electric machine. It looks like this component is perfect:

Glideforce LACT6-500APL Industrial-Duty Linear Actuator with Acme Drive and Feedback: 250kgf, 6" Stroke (5.5" Usable), 0.66"/s, 12V

The docs recommend a Jrk G2 motor controller to manage the feedback control. Sounds good.

Sorry if this sounds lazy, but is there a complete application of something similar that I can use as a starting point? I’ve been successful before starting with something complete and similar and modifying it; but I can’t design a system from scratch.

Do you know of a complete example project that I can use a starting point?

I just don’t know where to start with:

  • Power supply, regulator, decoupling, fuses
  • Mechanical mounting
  • Control buttons and display
  • Box for the controller and other electronics
  • Safety design


Unfortunately, we do not have a complete example project that goes over all of those design considerations. If you try and have any specific questions, we might be able to help with some of them. For example, we include a pre-configured Jrk G2 settings file, and instructions for configuring the controller on that LACT6-500APL actuator’s product page.

By the way, please note that the position feedback from the Glideforce actuator is not the same as force feedback from a load cell.