Linear Actuator Position Control


I am using Jrk G2 21v3 to control a linear actuator via USB control by a Matlab code.
I can easily control my actuator with open-loop speed control by giving “target” commands with Matlab.
But, I am confused about controlling it on position sense? With USB connection, how can I give it position inputs with Matlab code? i.e., how can I change the input type from speed to position while using “target” command?

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I moved your post to the “Motor controllers/drivers and motors” section of the forum since it seems more appropriate.

Does your actuator have analog position feedback? If so, you can configure the Jrk G2 using the Jrk G2 Configuration Utility for analog feedback, which will change how the target command is interpreted. You can find information about this in the “Setting up analog feedback” section of the Jrk G2 user’s guide.



Thank you for your previous reply. I want to be able to bring my motor to the center ie., middle point before each movement. But I couldn’t manage this situation. With these analog feedback mechanism, how could I bring it in the midline?

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If you are using an actuator with analog feedback and followed the directions in the “Setting up analog feedback” section of the Jrk G2 user’s guide (including tuning the PID coefficients), a target position of 2048 should generally correspond to the midpoint (although this will depend on how you configured the scaling settings).

I recommend controlling the Jrk through the Jrk G2 Configuration Utility (instead of Matlab) until you get it set up properly. You can use the slider in the “Status” tab to set the target.

If you’re still having problems getting it working, can you tell me what you’ve done so far and post more details about your setup (such as what actuator you’re using and pictures of your setup showing all of your connections)? Additionally, could you post a copy of your Jrk G2 settings file? You can save a copy of your settings file from the “File” drop-down menu of the Jrk G2 Configuration Utility.