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Linear actuator brackets and channels

Doing a project where my linear actuator is vertical. However I need the actuator to be held rigid as I dont want the actuator to move at all. the moving end will be attached to a blade that will use force to cut on a flat bottom surface. Is there any clamping mount for this to attach to the stand I am making for it?
Will be using a Medium-Duty Linear Actuator as I need quite a bit of cutting force.


This sounds like an interesting project! Unfortunately, the only brackets we have are ones for mounting to the back of the linear actuator like this:

My suggestion would be to use one of those to securely anchor the actuator and take the brunt of the force, and then you could craft your own secondary bracket around the body to prevent any kind of side-to-side wobbling. I have seen some examples in costumes where people have 3D printed brackets to hold an actuator in place, perhaps that might be something that you could look into doing for your project? Or maybe it could be something as simple as a metal band that you wrap around the body and screw down on either side.

If you come up with a good solution for your project, I would definitely be interested to hear more about it.