Line sensors

I’m trying to read the 3pi line sensors using assembler
I verified the sensors are working using one of the C examples.
I can get the PINC values to be turned ON, but they never seem to
go to OFF.
Can you point me to some documentation on how to do this correctly?


The reflectance sensors used on the 3pi are very similar to our QTR-1RC sensors and can be read the same way (the only difference is that the sensor capacitors are smaller on the 3pi, so they charge and discharge faster and allow for a higher sampling rate). This application note on reading the QTR-RC sensors might be helpful. We don’t have any documentation on how to do this in assembly on an AVR, but it shouldn’t be too hard once you understand how to do basic I/O manipulation in assembly, though you will also have to come up with a way to time the resulting pulses (e.g. by using one of the hardware timers in a way that doesn’t conflict with other hardware on the board, such as the motors or buzzer).

- Ben