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Line following dark-ride cart

Hello, I want to share a trackless, line-following dark-ride cart I’ve been working on for several months.
I didn’t want to be stuck with one layout or have to build track, so I thought it would be cool to have the cart follow reflective tape that can be changed as I want.
I am posting here because, after one night of use on Halloween, we discovered we have to change the throttle input based on the weight of the rides each time the cart was dispatched. To overcome this, I added the Jrk G2 to regulate the speed.

A video of the progress can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmxBxtGCHMQ

Cart Encoder%20front Encoder%20rear Jrk%20G2 Potentiomter%20and%20buttons

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Thanks for sharing! That is a really neat project! We hope you post another video once your carts are all completed and running your full track.


Hello Dan, and thank you!
I do have a 360 video of the completed ride along with my robot skeleton “host”.

But this was running without any Pololu equipment during Halloween. The inconsistency in the speed versus rider weight is what caused me to seek out the Jrk G2.
And it’s been an awesome learning project!
Your forums and email support have been great in getting this board installed!

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