Line follow example

How do I get the Zumo 32u4 to actually follow the line? It was able to upload the example and when I put it on the line it just had a bar graph on the monitor and would not move. Am I missing a part that I need to order? Or is it already equipped to follow the line? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Did you press the A button on the Zumo 32U4 again after seeing the bar graph? If you are running the Zumo 32U4’s LineFollower sketch, you need to press the A button twice before the Zumo 32U4 can start following a line. The first button press is to start the calibration phase, where the robot rotates in place sweeping the sensors across the line, and the second button press is to start following the line. You can see that the function returns after button A is pressed from the code comments just above the showReadings() function in the Zumo 32U4’s LineFollower code.

- Amanda