LEGO wheel adapter

We have a new product available: a LEGO wheel adapter that allows the popular Solarbotics GM6 and GM7 gearmotors to be used with a variety of LEGO wheels. Many of you have high-quality LEGO wheels sitting around at home - now you can use them on your next robot!

- Fang

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I didn’t pay much attention to the wheel adapter at first (as I don’t have any Lego wheels lying around) but on closer inspection, these look like they were FDM manufactured:

Does Pololu have an FDM printer now, and might you guys be offering its use in the future? I don’t think anyone owns yet!


Hello, Adam.

The parts are indeed manufactured on our new FDM printer. We are considering adding a 3D printing service, but the material cost and running time are much higher than with the laser cutters, and with the higher complexity of 3D parts, figuring out a good pricing structure and quoting system might be difficult.

Our current focus is on improving our main web page and the existing laser-based services, so deploying a new custom part site is not a high priority for us right now. If you have some parts you would like printed, please let us know, and we’ll see if we can help you (especially if your parts are cool!).

- Jan

Fellas, I just purchased these Lego Wheel adapters. But can’t find Lego wheels that fit the adapters. And Pololu stopped selling the wheels. I think you guys should stop selling the adapters because you guys have stopped selling the only wheels that match the adapters. In the description of the wheel adapters it states that the adapter will fit "standard axle’ Lego wheels. But Pololu is the only entity that describes this “standard axle” type. In fact, it does not fit the normal input shaft of a Lego wheel.

Hello, Peter.

We’ve never sold any LEGO wheels, and we’ve used the adapter with all kinds of LEGO wheels. Specifically, did you try any Technic or Mindstorms wheels? Here are some Technic Wheels many of which look like they would be compatible with the adapter.

- Ryan