LEGO attachment kits for different types of hitec servos


I am not sure that this is the correct place for posting that kind of a suggestion but I am talking about an attachment kits for servos that will allow to integrate different types of hitec servos into LEGO system. Something like: … tem=SAKIT1. If you make an attachment kits for all regular, ¼ scale and the micro servos, LEGO users will worship Pololu forever !!!

The LEGO system is one of the more powerful system for mechanical prototyping of robots that I know, but one of its weak points is its lack of variety of servos and motors.



This is exactly the right place for this kind of suggestion, and thanks for making it. Are you unhappy with the unit you linked to, or are you just looking for more size options?

- Jan

The problem with that store is that their seller is not available
online. It is also not clear what are you buing from the images
in the store’s site. They also got kits only for regular and 1/4
scale servos, no micro servo attachment kit. The kits stock is limited
and it looks like you need to wait a year or two for the kits after you
ordered them. So if you can make servo attachment kits for different
types of servos, publish their detailed specs and pics and make them
available online it will be really great.

I see. I think one of the difficulties with the micro servos is that there is less standardization in their sizes and output shafts, so it might be more difficult to make a general adapter. We definitely like servos and Lego, so we will definitely add this to the list of parts to look for or develop. Given our schedule, though, it will likely be a long time before we have them.

- Jan … kits.shtml
I found this one once… they sell Pololu as well…