LED strip problem

Have some WS2812 strips that I want to use for under cabinet lighting that I have a question about. If I hook up an entire 5 meter roll of lights to an Arduino and either a 2amp 5v power supply or a 30a 5v power supply the entire strip will light up. Now I have some mounting hardware that requires me to cut the strips into lengths that will fit under each cabinet. This is where my problem occurs, if I link two strips which are about 20" each the first strip will fully light and the second will only light the first 1/2 of the second strip. If I reverse the order of the strips the same problem occurs. In these configurations I was injecting the 5v only from one end of the strip. Then I injected the 5v from the beginning of each strip with the same result. Have checked each individual connections and they appear to be ok. I am stumped and need some more experienced advised. Thanks.


I am sorry you are having trouble getting segments of those LED strips working together. Can you post the entire code you are running on your Arduino in the setup you are having issues with?