LED RGB Strips and library

I’m using the library https://github.com/pololu/pololu-led-strip-avr for controll RGB strips, which is working fine.
I’m using ATMEGA64. Unfortunatelly I can’t control the RGB strips, when the control line is connected to PORTF and PORTG. As I readed, those ports are in extended register and should be handled as memory.
But I’m very bad at assembler, so I don’t know how to change the library to make it working.
Can you help me please?

Hello. I just added a new example that should work with any AVR pin.

Does that work for you?


I will check today or tomorow.

Hello Mr. Grayson.
I can confirm, that following function is working with all ports.
Tested on PORTG and PORTF, tested at 8MHz.
Thank you for you effort